Your choice of hosting provider is a decision to take seriously.

Hosting performance affects everything you do online, from sending & receiving emails to serving up pages for your website visitors.

Your website is available online to the public 24×7 and is subject to frequent activity. Website crawlers and search engine robots will come by and index your website. Malicious hackers will come by and try to break into your site’s sensative data.

Hosting Piece Of Mind

Never worry about downtime, security, or availability again. Advance your business with OT Business Class Hosting from Online Transition.

  • Can I securely accept credit cards? – YES!
  • Can I send and receive emails with my smart phone? – YES!
  • Can I expect lightning fast page load speeds? – YES!
  • Can I create my own email addresses? – YES!
  • Can I expect total availability? – YES!
  • Can I create my own databases? – YES!
  • Can I download and upload files via SFTP? – YES!
  • Can I manage more than one website in the same control panel? – YES!
  • Can I resell OT Business Class Hosting to others? – YES!
  • Is there live chat support available? – YES!
  • Will I pass my PCI Compliance scan from Trustwave? – YES!
  • Can I switch to OT Business Class Hosting for FREE? – YES!

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