We all agree that planning, prior to doing, is a must. Now that your plan is on paper, what should you expect from your team? What should you expect to spend short term? Long term? Executing your plan begins with…

right-arrowSetting Expectations

Expectations drive your staff and vendor actions, decisions, and feedback.  Defining what you expect to get from your staff and selected vendors makes it easy for you to track progress. Avoid starting your online project until you fully understand the beginning, middle, and end.

Let’s say your first objective is creating a website to launch your brand.
To gauge your readiness, you may ask yourself the following:

  • Does my logo designer expect to work with me on website development?
  • Does my website designer expect to be held accountable for SEO success?
  • How will I monitor and track website traffic once my site is launched?

Manage staff, customer, and vendor expectations.
You have the control and authority to set these expectations before meeting with your staff and hiring third party vendors.

Online Transition can help you and your team set expectations, both internal and third party. If you need help understanding what to expect from each player on your team, please request a free consultation to discuss in more detail.

Next Step: Evaluating Vendors