Keywords are the fundamental building blocks of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Commonly refered to as “search terms” or “search phrases”, Keywords are the actual words and letters that folks use to find products and services via a search engine. To get you thinking about keyword research, answer the following question: “What will people type into the search box when they are looking for my services?” If you want to hold a high position (rank) in the Google results, your website and web pages should contain the same words, literally, as those used by your potential customers during a search.

A Keyword Research Example

Here’s an example. Let’s say Julie is the owner of a small web design business in Chicago. She knows that her potential clients use Google to find local businesses like hers and wants to tap into that traffic stream and drive those potential customers to her website.

Here’s where Keyword Research comes into play. In order to drive potential customers to her website, she must uncover the keywords prospects use when performing their search.

For instance, she knows folks search for “Web Design Chicago” and her website includes those keywords. But what else do folks search for that may be a good match for her services? After a little research, Julie finds that folks often search for “web developers”, “web development”, and “make a website”… all of which are great opportunities for potential customers.

Keyword Research Services

Online Transition can help you and your team reasearch valuable Keywords. If you need help understanding and applying Keyword Research, please request a free consultation to discuss in more detail.