We now know that expectations drive your staff and vendor actions, decisions, and feedback. Now it’s time to evaluate team members or third party firms that help you get the job done. Looking for the right website design, SEO, and advertising company? Let’s look at what goes into…

right-arrowEvaluating Vendors

Evaluating Web Design Firms – Check any and all references available. Is there a portfolio of past projects available to browse? If you find a website design you like in a vendor’s portfolio, there is a high likelihood they can design a similar site for your business.

Perhaps you’ve already selected a potential vendor. How is the customer service and sales process thus far? Responsive? If it feels like your website vendor has better things to do, this could be a red flag. Remember, you’re in charge! Website design companies should compete for your business, not the other way around.

Evaluating SEO Consultants
Firstly, don’t look in your inbox! Quality SEO companies don’t spam your inbox or send you newsletters you haven’t signed up for.

Accountability and tangible history matters. Try searching for SEO services in your area and see which vendors are in the top spots. If your SEO consultant or SEO company can’t even garner a top result for related services, steer clear.

Evaluating Advertising & Marketing Companies
Online advertising and marketing boils down to experience. Ask how much money the advertising company manages every month. Ask them what their goals are and how they measure success.

Inquire about the agency’s online advertising strategies. Do they love Google and not Bing? They shouldn’t! How would they monetize social networks such as Facebook? Listen closely to their response and you may pickup on nervousness or uneasiness as you push them for answers.

Online Transition can help evaluate third party vendors, online web design companies, and seo professionals. If you need help selecting web vendors, please request a free consultation to discuss in more detail.

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