Congratulations! Your new website and advertising campaign are now live and ready for activity. Want to boost awareness and start generating leads? The next step in generating qualified leads starts with…

right-arrowDriving Traffic

Drive qualified traffic to your website from search engines, email campaigns, tradeshows, social networks, and paid advertising.

A website is not a corner store, there is no foot traffic or passer-bys. The key to getting noticed online is diversified traffic generation.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t! Much like an investment portfolio, having several different lead sources usually outperforms relying only on one.

Email marketing (newsletters and e-blasts), traffic from search engines, trade shows, and paid advertisements are all potential venues for getting your website in front of folks looking for your products and services.

Create a monthly scorecard.

Track your traffic sources with a monthly scorecard. Compare the impact that traffic channels have on your bottom line. Understanding the effect of your website and advertising campaigns are essential to success online.

Online Transition can help develop a diversified traffic roadmap. If you need help understanding what steps to take to drive qualified traffic, please request a free consultation to discuss in more detail.